You can receive the following benefits:

  • We will process your items ahead of others to get them out on the floor for faster resale.

  • You can bring in your items at any time.*

  • We have 2 options available to bring in clothes:

            – No Limit: Bring in as many items as you like.*  We will donate unwanted items. 

            – Pick Up Option: One bag at a time. Pick up any unwanted items 7-14 days after drop off or they will be donated.                     

 *as long as you follow the consignment calendar*


February 1 – March 31             SPRING
April 1 – June 15                       SUMMER
July 25 – September 30            FALL (BACK TO SCHOOL)
October 1 – December 15        WINTER (HOLIDAY)

How to become a VIP CONSIGNOR:

    • Each time you bring in clothing, we will evaluate your eligibility for VIP. 

    • We are able to put most of your items on the floor for resale without donates.

    • Most of your items are top name brands or department store quality. 

    • All clothes must be in-style.

    • All clothes must be in-season. 

    • All clothes must be neatly folded, pressed and in great shape.

Upscale your resale with VIP Status!

Consigning at Repeat Boutique, Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, Pa

Consignment Terms:

    • Consignors receive 50% of the selling price.

    • All items are consigned for 90 days. Items not sold after this time are able to picked up. Items not picked up will become property of Repeat Boutique.

    • Items are marked down 20-25% after 30 days and 50% after 60 days. Items are subject to seasonal, holiday and coupon sales.

    • Repeat Boutique sets the asking price. Your input is always welcome. 

    • A list of consigned items is always available for pickup.

    • You can check on your account and pickup your balance anytime during regular business hours. WE DO NOT CALL.

    • We are not responsible for stolen items. We do use security cameras and security tags.

    • We set a limit of one (1) bag at a time. You are able to pickup unwanted items 7-14 days after drop-off or they will be donated. 

    • There is a $1.00 service charge for all mailed checks .

    • We only accept the very best items due to the overwhelming amount of clothes consignors drop off.

    • There is a $1.00 service charge for all mailed checks.

    • We reserve the right to store, donate or buy outright out-of-season items.


Items not interested in: Men’s dress wear, vintage items, prom and bridesmaids dresses, fur coats and place name on shirts (i.e. work place, vacation spots, high schools and products).

Because of the overwhelming amount of items we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to take everything. We select only the nicest pieces.

Why Consign at Repeat Boutique, Scalp Avenue, Johnstown PaHow to Bring in Clothes:

      • Drop off items anytime during regular business hours.

      • At the time of drop-off, you will be asked to sign in.

      • Make sure your name is on a piece of paper on the inside and outside of the bag.

      • Limit of one (1) shopping bag at a time. Totes, boxes and items on hangers are permitted, but not preferred. 

      • We allow pickup of unwanted consignments 7-14 days after drop-off or they will be donated.

      • Make sure to follow the consignment calendar.*

All Clothing Brought In Must Be:

      • In-style (less than 2 years old). Although items may never have been worn, this does not mean they are current or brand new.

      • In-season. We do not have room to store out-of-season clothes.

      • Freshly laundered or dry cleaned and wrinkle free. We will not accept wrinkled items.

      • Free of stains, holes, rips, burns or odors such as cigarette, moth balls and animal odors.

      • Womens, childrens and mens casual items.

      • Name brands are best!


February 1 – March 31             SPRING
April 1 – June 15                       SUMMER
July 25 – September 30        FALL (BACK TO SCHOOL)
October 1 – December 15        WINTER (HOLIDAY)

Top Ten Most Wanted Repeat Boutique JohnstownTop Ten Wanted List for Consigning:

1. Jeans – New Style, junior sizes and women sizes.
2. Basics – Tees, sweaters, blazers, pants and shirts.
3. Lightweight jackets and coats for winter (No furs or old leather).
4. Women suits and dress wear for the business setting. (No wool items or separate pieces). 
5. Shoes that are basically new.
6. Mens casual clothing. (No dress shirts, dress pants or suits).
7. Kids clothes in great condition. Namebrands and sets are best.
8. Scrubs, swimwear for summer, children’s gymnastic outfits, activewear, nightwear and maternity.
9. Formals for Holidays, Cruise wear, Cocktail Dresses and Mother of the Bride. * We DO NOT accept prom gowns or bridesmaid dresses.
10. Accessories, scarfs, purses and jewelry.

Why you should consign at Repeat Boutique, JohnstownWHY CONSIGN?

1. Clear your closet of the items you no longer love and turn them into CASH!
2. Why let your husband see your mistakes.
3. Wear it one time and won’t see it again.
4. You have moved here and find the need to get rid of a few things.
5. You decide you need a wardrobe change.
6. You have lost weight and don’t want to ever see your old clothes again.

**Repeat Boutique is now buying Junior Clothes**

How It Works:

    • Bring your Junior Girls or Young Men’s clothing and accessories for us to review.

    • WHILE YOU WAIT: Mon-Tues-Wed from 10am to 2pm.

    • or DROP-OFF ANYTIME during business hours and we will call you when ready.

    • We only take Name Brands.

    • We will make you an offer based on brands and conditions.

    • We will return the items we are not interested in.

    • Follow consignment calendar.*


February 1 – March 31             SPRING
April 1 – June 15                       SUMMER
July 25 – September 30        FALL (BACK TO SCHOOL)
October 1 – December 15        WINTER (HOLIDAY)

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